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Furkids Pet Grooming is one of the best pet grooming services in Delray Beach. Pet owners can call and schedule an appointment for Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming, Demantting, Fleat Bath & Tick, Medicated Bath, Ears Clean, Detangling and more


Being an employee-owner creates a sense of pride and love, where people truly care about the work they do every day. In our case, it’s about taking care of your furbabys, big and small.


Located in the heart of West Palm Beach FL, Furkids Pet Grooming has been keeping the pooches of Delray Beach looking gorgeous for 6 years, and many more to come.


We treat dogs and cats with sensitive skin and allergies and offer nail trimming, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, flea and tick bathing and more.

Furkids Pet Grooming quality dog Grooming ​and cat grooming

All our baths include: Bath, Brushing & Blow-out, Ear Cleaning & plucking, Nail & Pad Trimming, Sanitary & Anal Gland Expressing

Pet Grooming Services

Dog Bath, Cat Bath, Medicated Bath, Fleat Bath & Tick Ear cleanig, Plucicing ails, Pads, Anal Expressing, Sanitary, Bath, Brushing & blow-out, Demating and more.

Bath starting at $30

Demantting for

every 15 minutes $15

Fleat Bath & Tick $12

Nail Clipping $20

Mini Groom

Includes:Trimming feet, face and fannies, Bath, Brushing & Blow-out, Ear cleaning and Plucking, Nail & Pad Trimming, Anal Gland Expressing, Bow or Bandana

Small dog
starting at $55-$65

Medium dog
starting at $65-$75

Large dog
starting at $85-$110

Full Groom for Dog and Cat

Includes Haircut, Bath, Brushing & Blow-out, Ear Cleaning & Plucking, Nail & Pad Trimming, Anal Gland Expressing, Bow or Bandana

Small dog
at $68

Medium dog
starting at $75

Large dog
Starting $110-$150

Furkids Pet Grooming
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Mindy MitchellMindy Mitchell
19:06 17 Jul 22
I have my standard poodle groomed once a month with Bill. He takes great care and and always looks incredible! I've tried many groomers but this is the only one I will continue with!!
Sendit usaSendit usa
03:25 10 May 22
I found them via google. This is my first appointment with them and also the first time for my fur baby. I think the owner, beautiful and friendly lady explain everything and make me feel that I was in the right place. My baby boy came back home clean and handsome. Amazing job!
Sandra KeatleySandra Keatley
02:30 23 Feb 22
I'll start be saying I'm a tough customer. My dog has a collapsed trachea and I was concerned about having him groomed. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this place. Robert was unbelievable. He took the time to explain the process and accommodate everything I needed. My dog "Noodles" came out looking beautiful and very happy. Noodles is 11 and has been to several different Groomers, none of them were as good as FurKids. I truly appreciate the peace of mind knowing there is a place like this for my sweet dog. Do not hesitate to visit this place, you will be glad you did!
Giovana LorenzoniGiovana Lorenzoni
16:13 24 Jul 21
I bring my furbaby Luna here since she was 3 months, they always give the utmost attention, care, patience. I trust them with Luna, and she always comes back perfectly groomed, with the biggest smile on her face. They always know how to handle her when she is in one of her moods, and are always professional and lovely with her. I just love bringing her here and never miss a bath, and the best part is that she loves coming here, it’s like a spa day for her. The whole staff is great and Luna loves all of them, especially Alessandra. Thank you for taking the best care possible with my furbaby.